• Embryo transfer support

  • When undergoing ART / IVF, you will be very focussed on transfer day - it’s a big day - and it is very likely that the stress and anxiety of your cycle peaks at this point. So one of the chief goals of the pre-transfer acupuncture treatment is to get you calm and in a confident and positive place, both mentally and physically. Once you know your transfer time, we can book your treatment and set you up for a day that runs smoothly. Pre / post embryo transfer treatments are prioritised, so you will absolutely be accommodated. The main goals are:

    • To induce relaxation and to de-stress
    • To improve blood flow to the uterus
    • To decrease uterine spasms and cramping 

    In the the first acupuncture treatment, points will be stimulated in your lower back, ankles and sometimes at the base of your skull. The clinic will be calm and comfortable and after 30 minutes the needles are removed so that you can calmly float over for your transfer. After, the clinic will be waiting and ready for you. Appropriate acupuncture points will be stimulated to support the uterus and to keep you calm and positive.