• FAQs at our clinic

    • Is acupuncture and TCM regulated in Australia?

      Absolutely. Acupuncturists, TCM practitioners and all natural therapy providers, medical doctors and dentists etc are regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). 

    • Are treatments covered by health fund providers?

      Yes. They are usually included as 'extras' to your health insurance policy. The terms of your cover will clearly state what you are, and are not covered to claim a rebate for. If you are unsure, get in touch your health fund provider to clarify the details. Items not covered are: 

    • Do you offer concession rates?

      Yes, depending on your circumstances and entitlements.

    • I take pharmaceutical medicines, is it ok to receive acupuncture and take Chinese herbs at the same time?

      Yes you certainly can, and when initially visiting our clinic we will ask you to note down if you are taking any medications or are undergoing other therapies elsewhere. Your practitioner will be able to inform you if there are any contraindications - particularly with regard to Chinese herbal medicine.

    • Does acupuncture hurt?

      You will feel the needles but it doesn't hurt. Often people describe a warm feeling or a slight tightening feeling at the point location where the needle is. Occasionally a referred feeling may occur, this is when for example a point stimulated by an acupuncture needle in your foot may produce a painless fluttering feeling in your thigh. In short, it doesn't hurt.

    • Are acupuncture needles sterilised?

      Yes. The acupuncture needles used at Fairwater Health and Wellness are factory sterilised and sealed. During an acupuncture treatment the needles are unpackaged as needed and used only once, after which they are disposed of correctly.

    • Do you provide electro-acupuncture and other derivatives of the treatment?

      Yes. Your practitioner can let you know about variations in treatments that they offer. 

    • What should I expect from an acupuncture consultation?

      At your first consultation you will be asked questions that guides the practitioner in treating you as a whole person. The questions will be about pain, sleep, appetite, thirst, bowels, urine and for women, menstral cycle. The practitioner will feel your pulse and examine your tongue to evaluate your state of Qi and will get a feel for your emotional condition. The health assessment takes around 30 minutes and extensive notes will be taken. Following the assessment you will begin with an initial treatment that lasts approximately one hour. Subsequent appointments will be focused on treatment and how you are responding to it. Follow up appointments are usually 1 hr long.

    • Can you treat cancer patients?

      Yes, cancer patients can be treated just as any other visitor to the clinic, however by law, only registered medical doctors are allowed to directly treat 'cancer' itself. 

    • Can children have acupuncture?

      Yes. Our practitioners are qualified to work with children and have the relevant clearances required by law for working with children.

    • How long will the treatment effects last?

      This will depend on your individual circumstances - everyone is quite different in that respect. Probably the easiest way to answer this question is with a simple hypothetical example. If you had a decent massage with a qualified massage provider, the effects are instant and maybe last until the next morning, when after a sleep you're pretty much back to 'normal'. In contrast, the beneficial effects of acupuncture and associated treatment techniques are usually reported to have a lasting effect for the week. So, in essence, the message is that you would notice a comparative difference in lasting effect, but it is specific to individuals and cannot be categorically stated.

    • How quickly does the treatment take effect?

      Often immediately with a lasting therapeutic effect after leaving the clinic. For some, an immediate 'bingo!' effect doesn't happen, but the relief of symptoms becomes obvious later in the day and for the days following.

    • How do I prepare and take Chinese herbs?

      You don't prepare them, we do! The herbs supplied by Fairwater Health and Wellness are in the forms of concentrated granules / powders, capsules or black coated pills. They are usually taken orally. The powders can also be used topically if combined with other substances to make a paste, or as a foot soak or bath soak (for very young children).

    • How many and how often will I need to get treatments before I feel better?

      Your practitioner will be able to give you a good idea about this after an initial consultation. Trying to answer this question without a comprehensive health history review would be pure guess work - and we're not going to do that!

  • Question not answered here?

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