• IVF acupuncture support

  • You will receive support throughout the whole ART / IVF cycle until the blood test after embryo transfer (ET). Your practitioner will closely review your health history and current situation before designing an IVF fertility treatment plan. 

    A simple treatment plan for a short IVF cycle may look something like this:

    Initial acupuncture treatment and prescribed Chinese herbs within 2 weeks of the beginning of menses. Continuation of herbs and ongoing acupuncture once weekly, including 2 on the day of embryo transfer (ET) - one before ET, and one after, both ideally within 2 hrs of the transfer. Treatments to continue until the confirmation blood test at 2 weeks.

    After a successful transfer and implantation we'll continue to support you in the calm atmosphere of our clinic, to help you enjoy a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.