• Cupping and Scraping

  • Cupping and scraping techniques are two different but related techniques which are employed to purge the body of toxins and promote the flow of vital energy, Qi. In the caring and calm environment of Fairwater Health and Wellness, both treatments make for an enjoyable experience either by themselves, or in conjunction with other therapies the clinic provides.


    Cupping uses small specialised ‘cups’ made of glass or high grade plastic and a method of creating a vacuum (variable) within the cup while it sits on the skin over meridian channel points. Varying strengths of vacuum are created within the cups - controlled by the practitioner - which cause the drawing up and elevation of the skin away from its normal resting position. Cupping will leave painless red markings on the skin which disappear naturally over a few days. 


    The technique of scraping is more uncomfortable than cupping, but also more exhilarating, and the marks left are usually a bit longer-lasting. Massage oil is applied and then a smooth edge – traditionally that of a honed animal bone or ceramic spoon – is used to apply pressured strokes to the skin along the pathways of the acupuncture meridians, often along the bladder meridian. The resulting blemishes range from dark blue-black to a light pink, and fade after about a week. Like with cupping, consideration about cosmetic and social implications is important. The therapeutic benefits are similar to those of cupping.