• Fertility and IVF Preparation

  • Many Australian ART and IVF clinics now either encourage or directly offer acupuncture fertility treatment routinely to couples embarking upon an assisted reproduction journey. Acupuncture is thought to boost and improve male sperm production and in females, to promote optimal hormonal balance, increase blood circulation at the uterus, and reduce the likelihood of miscarriage. Further, when complementing ART and IVF, acupuncture has been demonstrated to improve the likelihood of a successful embryo transfer.

    It is important to understand that acupuncture is a treatment aimed at addressing the ‘functional’ rather than ‘structural’ causes of infertility. If infertility causes are thought to be hormonal or metabolic, they are functional. Issues that involve actual physical damage or blockages are considered to be ‘structural’.

    At Fairwater, you will receive support throughout the whole ART / IVF cycle until the blood test after embryo transfer (ET). Your acupuncture practitioner will closely review your health history and current situation before designing a fertility treatment plan. There will of course be acupuncture needling using a series of very thin specialised needles on exact external points on the body. For example, fertility related acupuncture points are found on the lower back, the lower abdomen, and the legs. There are also common points on the head, neck, upper back and arms which promote relaxation, as well as certain points on the ear that are used to ameliorate hormonal imbalances. Usually an acupuncture fertility treatment plan is accompanied by Chinese herbal medicine as an augmentative treatment.